Our trusted Butte Fire Legal Team of Mike Danko, Dario de Ghetaldi, Amanda Riddle, and Kristine Meredith has a history of successful representation of plaintiffs who have experienced catastrophic injuries, victims of property loss due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, and extensive history with litigation against PG&E.

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The attorneys working on the Butte Fire cases have also litigated cases resulting from residential accidents (including explosions and fires), pedestrian and consumer incidents, motor vehicle accidents and landslides.

The attorneys on the Butte Fire case secured settlements for over 200 victims of the PG&E gas explosion in San Bruno, California that occurred in September 2010. When one of PG&E’s underground gas lines ruptured it caused an explosion that killed eight, destroyed 38 homes, and damaged many others. The gas line ruptured because when PG&E installed it in the 1950s it did not properly weld the pipe’s seam. Over the years, PG&E’s own engineers warned management that the pipe might be unsafe. But instead of replacing it, PG&E put their own profits ahead of safety and operated the pipe at increasingly high pressures until it ultimately split apart. PG&E’s CEO was replaced once the utility’s unsafe practices came to light, and PG&E was ordered to institute new and safer practices so that similar explosions would be avoided. Though the settlement amounts are confidential, PG&E has reported that resolving the damages of the residents of San Bruno resulted in a settlement of more than $565 million.

The Butte Fire team of Mike Danko, Dario de Ghetaldi, Amanda Riddle, and Kristine Meredith believe that by holding wrongdoers accountable, a lawsuit can take the profit out of harming others.  It can deter wrongdoing in the future and change for the better the way corporations like PG&E do business.  

Notable cases worked on by members of the Butte Fire Team include:

  • Confidential settlements for over 200 victims of the PG&E gas explosion in San Bruno, California.

  • $14.9 million jury verdict against an aircraft engine manufacturer for injuries a passenger sustained in the crash landing of a single-engine aircraft

  • $2.6 million settlement for a policy holder whose insurance company wrongfully refused to pay $225,000 in medical bills

  • Record breaking settlement with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison resulting in an agreement to pay $100 million to charity and $22 million in fees and costs

  • $10 million court judgment against a large developer for the breach of a promise to deposit $400,000 into purchase escrow

  • $20 million settlement for a pedestrian injured by a utility explosion

  • $9.8 million jury verdict against a snow resort for a woman injured in a snowboarding accident

  • $11 million settlement for passenger injured in the crash of a private jet.

  • $2.9 million jury verdict against an overhaul facility for a pilot injured in helicopter crash

  • $2.2 million court judgment against a state for a bicyclist who fell after hitting an obstruction in the road

  • $10 million jury verdict for the widow of a pilot killed in a helicopter crash

  • $1.55 million settlement for woman injured in a plane crash at Lake Tahoe

  • $50 million court judgment against a candy manufacturer for the wrongful death of child

  • $9.75 million settlement for a family injured in a Hawaiian tour helicopter crash on the island of Kauai

  • $13.3 million jury verdict for family of 67 year old pilot killed in crash of single-engine Cessna


If you or someone you know suffered damages as a result of the Butte Fire, contact our Butte Fire team to discuss your legal rights and get a free and confidential consultation with a Butte Fire team attorney at 209-691-FIRE (209-691-3473.)

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