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Attend One of Our Upcoming Butte Fire Legal Team Town Hall Meetings

Responding to PG&E’s Tree Removal Program and More

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Our Butte Fire Team will answer your questions and can provide information about:

  • Your Legal Rights and Options in Pursuing a Claim Against PG&E

  • Tree and Debris Removal

  • The Overall Tree Removal Process

  • Restoring the Community

  • Claims for Property Damage Including Reimbursement and Compensation for Trees

  • PG&E’s History of Putting Profits Over Safety

  • Short and Long Term impacts to your property, health and safety

Take-home information will also be available.

Free Consultation


For more information or for a complimentary confidential consultation with a member of our Butte Fire Team call: 

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Our team can also be contacted by email at mdanko@dankolaw.com, deg@coreylaw.com, alr@coreylaw.com or kmeredith@dankolaw.com to discuss the legal rights of the Butte Fire victims, including those of both insured and uninsured homeowners and renters who may have suffered damage to their property, homes or businesses.

The Butte Fire team can also provide you with information and additional resources available to you related to the PG&E lawsuit, and the short and long-term implications of the fire on your property, homes or businesses.



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YouTube-logo-full_colorCheck out our Informational Video about the Town Hall Meeting for Butte Fire Victims on YouTube.